Welcome Woman

I've been waiting for you beautiful - and I'm so grateful you're here.

 I'm Star Despres, and I want you to know that all of you is invited into this space.

Not just the masks you might normally show the world - but your whole self.
The light with the shadow, the feminine and the masculine, the calm and the rage.


You, sister, are ready to take that courageous first step in creating a more loving and gentle relationship with yourself – to begin to care for yourself in a way that only you can - but right now you feel lost in the dark and don't know where to start.

You are a woman who is
So. Very. Weary.

Weary of the endless cycle of burn-out, stress, exhaustion, disconnection and getting on with it.

Weary of trying to prove your value -  and of the endless pushing and striving.


You are a woman truly ready to reclaim your wildness, embody your enoughness and own your inherent sense of worthiness

More than anything you desire a relationship with yourself devoid of self-sabotage and instead grounded deeply in sacred self care and unconditional love.
A relationship aligned with your deep inner wisdom and connected with your natural feminine cycles.


Maybe you are in crisis and are finally ready to listen.

Maybe you have gone down the burn-out path one too many times and now the cracks are starting to appear.
No matter where you find yourself now, know beautiful woman that there is another way.

But where do you start?

I hear you honey. 

It can feel overwhelming knowing that things must change, especially when you feel acutely stuck in a sticky web of ingrained patterns, conditioning (from society and your upbringing) and nursing some tender + deep core wounds that have been running the show for what feels like forever.

Truly believing you are enough is where the journey needs to begins.


 If I close my eyes for a moment I can still
remember feeling exactly the same way you feel now.

Knowing deep down that I couldn't keep showing up the way I had been without serious consequences to my wellbeing, but with no clear role models out there showing me that there was another, more gentle, aligned and feminine way to live.

So what brought me to this moment?

Simply put, I was a super stressed, fast paced, yoga lover and teacher, though 'can’t be still' kind of girl. 
My mind was manic, and this was reflected in the way I showed up.
Life was very full and busy - an endless cycle of 'doing' - and at times overwhelming, but the level of disconnect I had back then meant that the signals to slow down weren't being received - and so I nailed playing the martyr game
of 'suck it up and get on with it' to perfection.

My dark night of the soul journey began in 2005 when I went through a challenging divorce that took its toll on all aspects of my being.  A year later I declared bankruptcy - a confronting yet necessary move -  which only added to the heavy burden I was carrying sole parenting my eldest daughter. 

Within that same year I had a nervous breakdown, fell apart completely and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia - a debilitating autoimmune issue which floored me for the next 2 years.
My body was in so much pain, and the level of exhaustion I experienced was like nothing I had encountered before.

Life as I had known it was no more.
I had to let go of everything I knew and surrender to my new reality.

This proved very challenging for me.

Initially I approached this 'problem' like I had everything else in life - with purpose-driven persistence and single-minded stubbornness.

I resisted, denied, ignored, fought and tried to think my way out of it. Unsurprisingly, this approach to my dilemma wasn't successful, and actually led me to stay unwell for much longer.

The breakthrough came about 18 months in when I suddenly had an epiphany - why oh why would I ever want to go back to the way things had been??
It was that dysfunctional and deeply disconnected life approach that had led to the whole burn-out fiasco in the first place!
But - being somewhat of a slow learner - I then cast my gaze far into the future, imagining what life would be like once I had nipped this nasty auto-immune issue in the butt! 

It was only when I succumbed completely to my experience - when I finally surrendered my last ounce of control - that true healing finally began. When I was able to truly embrace what it meant to be in this body - with the pain, the suffering, the exhaustion and the uncertainty of ever being well again - things slowly started to shift.


This turned out to be the beginning of a whole unexpected and beautiful new journey forward.  

Since my initial breakdown in 2007 I have also traversed Postnatal Depletion Depression several times and am now sitting with Adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues - (READ ABOUT IT HERE)
Every day I make a fresh non-negotiable + deeply heartfelt commitment to myself on how I choose to show up and care for myself. From the darkness and ashes I rose, and with me an unyielding passion to support women going though a similar journey.

I have slowly, delicately and with many a challenge found a new way to do life  - and now I want to share it with you.




I'm a Women's Empowerment Mentor focusing on Sacred Self Care and Feminine Embodiment.

I'm also a warm-hearted, gentle + deeply passionate Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer specialising in Women's Health, Womb Awakening, Restoration and Mindfulness.


My gift is to hold space for women who are yearning to awaken to their deepest truth, and who are ready to unravel old conditioning and beliefs to reclaim themselves and their power FULLY.

I love to inspire women to heal + rewrite their stories around feeling not good enough and unworthy, and to show them how they can ease-fully bring more love and sacred self care into their lives as a daily devotional practise.

I feel deeply called to empower women to reclaim rest, and to align ALL that they do with their deeply feminine cyclic nature.

I’m also a visionary, adventurer and mama - witch, dreamer and rebel.
A guardian of nature, free spirit, and lifetime member of the global sisterhood.


LOVING LIFE - a few juicy facts

+ My open heart has its place proudly on my sleeve.
I LOVE love!

+ I birthed both my girls at home 17 years apart in the water - what a BLISS OUT.

+ I absolutely, unequivocally ADORE food
(of the yummy, whole food variety).

+ I experience immense connection and peace being in the healing embrace of Mama Earth and especially love swimming naked in the ocean.

+ As a self confessed ex-discipline junkie, I love nothing more than rebelling against my own self induced, rigid routines.

+ Some form of conscious rest, radical self care and self-enquiry are rituals EVERY day.

+ I live for fantasy and fairies and deep down wish I was an Elven Queen.

+ I am a passionate, excitable and loveable Scorpio chick.


To kick-start (in a gentle way) a revolution of true + authentic SELF LOVE and SACRED SELF CARE.
To help you embody your true worth and your inherent sense of being ENOUGH
without changing a thing.
To hold space for you to rekindle a loving relationship with the most important person in your world - YOU.



My hope is to reach women like you all over the world and share the gifts of this new sacred feminine paradigm.
To help ease you out of the current crumbling patriarchal paradigm with effortless, simple tools
and unconditional love and guidance from my own embodied experience.

I want you to know that here you have a sanctuary to soften into, a place for deep nourishment and support.
A place where you have the freedom and energy to BE YOU, and to shine your light bright.

So are you ready to meet life in a new and more delicious way?

Find out how to work with me HERE